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How we care



Tykhe Chemicals and our chemical engineering experts are committed to continuous improvement of the environment, health, safety and security of its stakeholders through robust, efficient, and integrated management systems. Tykhe provides information to customers and others to assist in the safe handling of products we manufacture.


Philosophy and Performance

Tykhe is committed to continuous improvement of Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security performance as well as compliance with applicable legal and industry requirements. A proud member of the Chemical Industires Association (CIA), Tykhe actively participates in their programs which sets standards for excellence. 
Senior Management establishes and tracks goals, objectives and targets.

Tykhe systematically pursues reduction of water, solid waste and air emissions related to our manufacturing activities.
Examples include:
Modifying processes and procedures to use less hazardous chemicals and generate less waste.
Establishing recovery and recycling water.
Controlling emissions using flares and thermal oxidizers.
Upgrading process instrumentation and equipment to minimize reaction waste and emissions.
Electronic monitoring of equipment for H2S.
Enhancing preventive maintenance program for minimization and elimination of equipment failures.


Security and Risk Management

Tykhe's Security Plan focuses on the protection of people, property, products, processes and information systems in the sustainable chemistry industry. These procedures are designed to identify and reduce the risk of a wide range of security threats such as terrorism, vandalism, sabotage, and workplace violence. Tykhe believes that security is a responsibility shared throughout the chemistry industry and value chain—requiring actions by others such as suppliers, transporters, customers and government agencies.

Tykhe uses a risk-based approach to identify, assess, and address vulnerabilities, prevent or mitigate incidents, define training requirements, and enhance emergency response capabilities.

Risk Management Team
The Risk Management Team (RMT) provides management review of site security, process safety programs, and risk management plans. The team draws on a broad range of expertise throughout the organization to ensure continued safe operation and chemistry industry emergency preparedness.

Emergency Response
Tykhe’s volunteer Emergency Response Team (ERT) is well-prepared to respond should an emergency arise in the plant or community. ERT meets the requirements for the chemistry industry. ERT members are trained in Fire Fighting, Hazmat, Rescue, CPR and First Aid. Some ERT members are also trained as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Tykhe participates in routine drills.

Admin Office
F4 Jayanthy Park,
43 Srinivasa Nagar 1st Street,
Kandanchavadi, Chennai 600096,
Tamil Nadu, India. 

Factory Address
S-61-A Ranipet SIPCOT Phase III,
Mulundarayapuram Village,
Ranipet 632 403, Vellore Dist,
Tamil Nadu, India.

L: +91 44 4358 9082
F: +91 44 4358 9081 

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